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Lamps Features

Application: city streets, city business district, landscape area, industrial area lighting.

The lamp body: high pressure die casting aluminum alloy.

Shade: use borosilicate glass molding.

The fixed body: stainless steel material, fixed pole screw the maximum torque of 17NM.

Projection area:

Surface treatment: anti ultraviolet RAL series electrostatic spray and paint.

Color: RAL9005, RAL7000, RAL5005, RAL9022, RAL9016

Reflector: using the high pure aluminum calendering, after strict anodic oxidation treatment.

Insulation: the installation of lamps, electrical integration design, class:1.

Side installation: 48mm-60mm x 100mm steel pipe diameter.

Vertical installation:

The recommended height: 6m--8m

Protection class: reflection system IP66, the lamp body IP65 dust splash protection.

Standard: meet GB7000.1--2007, GB7000.5--2005 standard.

Comprehensive Display
Light Distribution Curve
Lighting parameters
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