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Jiangsu Enjiade Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1996, is a professional production of LED lighting equipment of the modern enterprise. After fifteen years of wind snow and rain, Ngard has developed into a set design, development, manufacturing, marketing and service as one of the all-round enterprise. The company has a modern production system, clear and wonderful products, for enterprises to create a good brand image.

Enterprises to achieve long-term sustainable development strategy, the company covers an area of 60000 square meters, construction area of 18000 square meters, production equipment is equipped with 1250 tons, 900 tons, 650 tons, 280 tons of high performance of cold chamber die casting machine. 315 tons 60-40 tons of hydraulic stretching machine, punch, flanging machine 2 meters, 4 meters plate shearing machine, advanced 40 meters gas heating an oven duplex powder coating equipment, to meet the business requirements of the production. The company set up a product R & D department, employ a number of senior lighting technology development engineers and high-quality professional staff. Learn from foreign advanced technology, lighting the essence, cast in products. Remarkable achievements have been made, the company was awarded the first China Road light has recommended manufacturers, the people"s Bank of China credit AAA grade, China Association for technical supervision information upon examination and confirmation for the excellent quality of road lighting assured brand, Zhenjiang contract and trustworthy enterprises. To explore the Enjiade man with his wisdom the came to fruition.

In the fierce competition in the market, Enjiade people in front of the enormous achievements, not pleased with oneself, as in the past, but the pursuit of. Ngard is currently in the country has established a strong sales and service network, the pursuit of customer care. With the care and support of their own efforts together with all Enjiade, future will better for national modernization urban construction services.